General Knowledge

Information that virtually even every commoner knows:

Big Circles are major cities, tiny dots are towns, and the very small communities are not even on there.

Huberon Is the main trading hub of the continent, and it is also the last “free” city. All kingdoms merchants pay a tax in order to keep the city running, however it can not raise a standing army due to an old treaty.

Trylin, the huge island on the bottom of the map, has taken over that entire island in recent years. There is also talk of a large military buildup with warships being made in every port town on that island.

Zillium has been disconnected from the other nations since the time of the Necromancer. Little information exists about it apart from reports of lycanthropy being rampant.

Eliastrion (South of Dwarfheim North East of Huberon) Is the only city where the elves accept outsiders. It also happens to be the only known path to and from the Underdark.

Elivian The elvish capital. Human are not allowed in their borders and are often killed should they enter.

Dwarfheim The only known major city of Dwarves that is not passed the great wall. They regularly allow adventurers and traders to that city to aid in defense or to buy the great metal works of the dwarves.

In each of the great cities there is a squad of Dwarves that is stationed there. The dwarvish lore indicates that their people were ordered by the gods to safe guard the land and protect it from the undead blight. Most dwarves for this reason are not adventurers, however in recent years there have been some seen who have left their sacred post in order to pursue other avenues of interest.

These dwarves are thus banished from their homeland and are told to shave their beards, and are only welcomed back if they bring proof that their duty was indeed worthy.

General Knowledge

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