MEU D&D- Forgotten World

Game day 1, June 18, 2010
A giant glyph? What is the worst that could happen?
  • The adventurers, Aquinas, Billikin, and Riffy, met in Wayline, and decided to take a quest together. The group notices two quests available, a diplomatic mission or a dungeon crawl, and choose the latter.
  • After setting off a trip wire trap, and going about 50 feet in the cave, the group realizes they do not have any torches. The Party decided to go back to town, buy some torches, and come back in the morning.
  • After setting off the trap once again, the group enters the entry chamber, where they note a 10×10 hole. When they look into it they notice the ground looks to be moving. They were about to investigate when a crossbow bolt is shot at them, almost immediately taking Billikin down.
  • Aquinas, enraged at the cowardly attack, throws his torch at one of the two goblins, losing it in the southern passage in the process. The group manages to kill one of the goblins, with the other getting away. The second goblin is then known as Goblin McBadass for taking down the cleric in one shot and ruining everyone’s day.
  • The Group then begins to rest for a few moments, patching up the cleric and deciding what to do as well as couthing the loot (One strange rock, a soiled note, some gold), when they note two additional adventurers. A strange robot like creation, and a rogue. The group gets their names as Nameless, and Decius(Or some thing) respectively.
  • After resting and healing up, the group decides to enter the southern passage, avoiding the top passage where the goblin known as badass went, and follow the path until they enter a second room. Within that room they see two paths, on the eastern wall. One to the north, and one to the south. They enter the southern path where they note a strange glyph on the ground.
  • Aquinas, feeling thinking about he 15 foot wide magic glyph would be pointless, charges, setting off a fireball that nearly ends him. He quickly retreats and gets patched up by Billikin, causing everyone to decide to try the northern path.
  • The group makes their way up the hall, noting it splits to the north and ends at a door, and continues east past sight. The group listens through the northern door and hears a whispered conversation. The rogue enters and begins hitting on a dark robed woman and man, who draw daggers and attempt to kill him.
  • The group manages to slay the two of them and find a pair of gloves, a note, a scroll, and decide to take a break. The second note says:

We have sent new minions to help in the build up of forces in the area. Continue studying the dark arts in order for the glory of our fallen master.

-High Prophet Dezmondel.

  • Riffy the polite notes Dezmondel is the same name as the mayor of Huberon, and notes he is quite angry about it. The group decides to continue.


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