Several hundred years ago a Necromancer of great power rose up in defiance of the Gods.

Using the eight gems of creation he took a chunk out of the planet and had it rise to the heavens.

Once he had reached the realm of the gods, he used his powers and forced the gods into a mortal shell so that he could slay them and become a god, the only god. What took place then was a battle between a mortal made god and gods made mortal.

After a great battle the Necromancer was stopped, and the gods were able to take their rightful place back in the skies. However, the necromancer had taken too much of their power, and thus could not be killed, only forced into a coma. Additionally, the gods were unable to place the part of the planet back where it belongs, so they made it self sustaining and permitted the creatures already on the planet to continue living as they had been. They then locked the necromancer into a crypt,and built a large wall to separate it from the rest of the continent which is was entrusted to the Dwarves.

On this chunk of land there are two continents and an ocean. One continent is set up like the far east,and the other is standard D&D. The two continents enjoyed good relations for many years until one day all ships from the other land stopped. Fearing invasion the continent of Eurialis prepared for war.

They sent many naval vessels across the sea to Lyriwin, yet only one made it back. The ship was burning and had only one badly wounded crew member who spoke of a gate to the hells before dying.

Shortly after this, on Eurialis near the great wall, a large number of reports about undead activity began to filter in. As such, there has been a call for adventurers to come and unravel the mystery.

No one knows what became of the gems. Some say they were shattered, while others claim that the gems were too powerful to be destroyed and thus were hidden across the two continents.

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